Sunday, February 17, 2013

SHIKI 2012 Fall-Winter Fashion Show

The Ripples of My Heart
by Vinn Wong        

If you didn't  turn up for SHIKI's 2012 Fall-Winter Collection Fashion Show... then you have missed out on one hell of an experience.

Luckily for you, we've taken lots of pictures. So dear fashion readers of Second Life, sink your teeth in.

This year for SHIKI was all about Fine Art Meets Fashion. It all started when Shinichi Mathy and I met in real life around 9 months ago.

Long story short, I told him I painted expressionism paintings and he said he designed for Second Life and I said "what's that?"

Well, so that's how I got here. (We're skipping all that blood, sweat and tears side of things here today... I'll save that for another time... promise.)

Here I was still trying to work out what virtual reality fashion really meant. I've always been a bit of a gamer. Clothes in games were always extravagant religious robes or over the top plated armour. Real fashion? OK. My ears are yours... are there guns?

Well, besides drawing overly detailed highlights and shadows into our clothes, there really was no hacking nor slashing involved. In fact, using a dress instead of a 2D piece of fabric as my canvas was a challenge. I was overwhelmed by the proposal of the project but branching out so drastically from my comfort zone was something that really intrigued me.

 So we decided to run with it. Let's combine what we both do best and see how it turns out.

Shinichi and I both have a very similar sense of design and taste for aesthetics. Not only was I surprised by how well we connected at first, working with him has really revealed another part of me both as a person and as an artist. What we have ended up with was a collection of intricate, well balanced and cohesive designs that told a personal story of who I was, who I thought I was, who I think I am and who I really am.

This time, our show was organized by DEJAVOGUE. One thing I must commend about this agency was the quality of models that they hired.

I realized that simply making a dress doesn't complete it... unlike a painting, it's not complete until it's been handed over and put together by someone else... a stylist or in this case, a model.

Giving your work away to someone else while it has yet to be finished and letting them do your bidding is by far something any artist would want to do. (Any other artsy out there, you're hearing me, right?)

But much to my surprise. I was "pleasantly in awe." (Yes you can be horrified and in awe at the same time. Iffy feeling. Don't recommend it.)

What I really was touched by was realizing
that I wasn't telling my story alone anymore. It evolved and it rippled from many other hearts and radiated.

So those looking at getting their hands on some virtual high end fashion. Be sure to know that at SHIKI, you're not just buying a piece of clothing. You're spreading this ripple with a rendition of your own story to tell.

I'd like to personally thank all the models and the manager of DEJAVOGUE Dolce.Enderfield for making this all happen. Script writer Miele.Tarantal for writing such a detailed script on the runway. (It was precise, artsy and rubbed me the right way ok) Our wonderful models were:

Apollo Call

Adonis Hansome

Paradox Messmer


Tai Galicia

Federica Galtier

Delinda Dench

Phedre Lefevre

Veronica Krasner

It was a stunning show. And there will definitely be more to come. As I will also be in direct collaboration in SHIKI's 2013 Spring-Summer Collection. This season, we're talking about unique, original mesh and a rather quaint story to tell through our new designs and fabrics. After all, coming up with unique fabrics is what we do best here at SHIKI.

So until next time. And next time... is real soon.

We're going to be having an Art & Fashion Exhibition at the SHIKI Sim next Friday at 3pm SLT.
Shinichi Mathy and I will both be there with live music to chat to everyone about our latest creations. As it is held in my gallery inside the SHIKI Sim, you'll also be able to see all the inspiration behind this current season. So, for any art or fashion enthusiast, be sure not to miss this exciting event. I'd love to see you all there.

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