Sunday, September 26, 2010

The ZEBRA outfit from SHIKI

The Zebra is a complete outfit for men looking for formal wear with a bit of uniqueness to it. The first outfit from the new Black and White Collection from SHIKI, the outfit includes a jacket with sculpted lapel, dress shirt with sculpted collar and bow tie and black slacks. The hair is a new release from Exile. The shape is from ASKA Shapes, the creator of Asian-inspired shapes.

Visit SHIKI today to see more selections and don't forget to pick up the high-quality free gifts for customers.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

September Gifts for Shiki VIPs

This month's very special gifts from Shiki Designs are now available in the Shiki main store.

There is a "Black Check" dress for ladies with a breezy, easy-to-wear design for fall, and features a prim skirt and collar. For men, there's the ruggedly charming and super stylish "Black Plaid" shirt. It features long and rolled-up sleeves on all layers with prim collar, cuffs, and upper arm cuffs. Both items are versatile and would be welcome in any wardrobe.

These V.I.P. gifts and many more are FREE to Shiki Designs group members. The Shiki Designs group is free and easy to join by touching the signs in our main store . While you are there, please check out the newest releases from our fabulous Fall/Winter 2009 Collection. There are lots of styles and surprises yet to come so drop by the store often to see the latest!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

White Party by SHIKI

Introducing the WHITE PARTY from the new fall-winter 2010 collection. This couture dress combines hand-created textures with sculpted embellishments for a simple yet complex outfit. Featured at the Modavia Fashion Week to rave reviews, the WHITE PARTY is the dress to be seen in.

Bety Dudek looks absolutely stunning in the dress. Photography by the fabulously talented Wicca Merlin.

See the dress on the Marketplace.
Please visit our Main store for more selections.

GLAMOUROUS dress from the fall-winter 2010 collection

SHIKI releases the new fall-winter 2010 collection. The collection will be released in our main store with a few selections each week throughout the season. This year's collection uses only shades of black and white, creating a chic and glamorous look that's sleek and modern.

The dress above is called GLAMOROUS and is a long evening-gown dress in a black & white texture. The dress includes a sculpted collar and optional belt to add an edgy accent to the total look. The bottom of the dress is created with four flexi skirt parts for perfect movement. The GLAMOROUS is a strong dress and will make a statement for any occasion.


Thursday, September 16, 2010

Craig Lyons Performs at Shiki Designs : Friday 7 PM slt

Shiki Designs is proud to present award winning musician, Craig Lyons on his "Fashion Rocks" tour. Long-time Shiki friends know we love music and it would be our pleasure to have everyone join us for what is sure to be a great show. There's also an all new Shiki Designs collection for Fall/Winter 2010 with lots of surprises and we can't wait to show you. What better way than combining music, fun, and fashion!

For more info on Craig Lyons including his feature in the LA Times see:

Sunday, September 12, 2010


On September 11, a dozen designs from the SHIKI's fall-winter 2010 collection was shown for the first time at MODAVIA's fashion week. SHIKI surprised guests with a brand new look using only black and whites for the new season. The entire collection will be unveiled on September 24.

Visit SHIKI to see a preview of the new collection.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

50% off some of our most popular selections are on sale at SHIKI's main store. Sale ends September 14 so hurry! These are just two of the designs available. Over 50 fabulous items at incredible prices!

All outfits available at SHIKI.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

50% off SALE at SHIKI

We at SHIKI, are getting ready for the fall-winter season. To make way for the new collection, we will are having a sale off some of our most popular items. Sale ends September 14 and sale items will no longer be sold in stores. Here is your chance to get a hold of some lovely items at a discounted price. Here are just a couple of items on sale now. There are more than 50 items on sale at the store. 

Sale items can be found in the right wing of our main store. Sale items are clearly marked with a RED 50% sign. Once the sale ends, we unveil our newest and most glamorous collection to date so stay tuned!

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