Monday, April 26, 2010

Shiki's cotton shirt & vest

One of the newest outfits for men from SHIKI DESIGN is something every male avatar will want to wear. A white top made of light-weight organic cotton with sculpted cuffs can be worn with or without the grey vest. The vest is comes with a sculpted bottom attachment for a bit of realism. As always, everything is hand-textured and drawn to the last detail for a high-quality look and finish. The cotton shirt & vest combo is sold at the main store as well as on xstreet for your convenience.

The SHIKI denim dress

The RADGOLL denim dress from SHIKI DESIGN is a fabulous denim-inspired outfit that interprets denim in a brand-new way. Hand-textured textures and details combined with a sculpted skirt results in a modern and stylish look. The dress comes with a sculpted scarf as an optional accent to your total look. The denim dress also comes in PURPLE RAIN and SAHARA so you can choose your favorite colors.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Rags in Blue

The Rags in Blue Dress by Shiki Design is a new and modern take on denim. The dress was created by taking individual pieces of denim fabric and placing them onto the dress for a unique effect. The denim influence is seen in a lot of Shiki's 2010 collection and this is the dress that served as the starting point of the entire collection. The dress is finished with a sculpted shoulder piece and flexi skirt.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Spring has arrived!

It's been a long winter here in Tokyo and everyone in this city is waiting for warmer weather 
to arrive. Well, it's a beautiful and warm today. The forecast calls for rain the rest of the week. 
The changeable spring weather makes layering a neccesity and the TEAL PLAID SHIRT fits the 

The TEAL PLAID SHIRT can be worn with or without the inside shirt and is beautifully textured with a cool yet warm color scheme. The color of the shirt on the inside adds depth to the overall look.

It's paired here with the SPLATTER DENIM JEANS, which comes with three different lengths, three 
belts and a variety of cuffs to play with. The TEAL PLAID SHIRT comes in all layers and sculpted 
collars, cuffs and an optional shirt bottom. The shape I'm wearing today is the RYOJI shape from ASKA shapes.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Come "Window Shopping" With Shiki Designs and the Timeless Agency

There is much to love about shopping in a virtual world and even though there are always new innovations, we could hardly want for more convenience. Browse, click, buy, then wear. It only takes a few moments to see and buy the latest from our favorite designers. Still, it's worth asking: have we traded something for all this convenience?

When Timeless Agency's Vitality Lollipop first told us that the theme for their show was "window shopping", my imagination instantly transported me to an evening stroll of looking at window displays from Bloomingdale's, Macy's, Barney's and others. Painstakingly arranged and glamorously illuminated, window displays give us a glimpse of the fabulous new life that awaits us inside the store. Great window displays have magic and are truly an art form.

Perhaps the lack of relevance would explain the rarity of window displays in SL but in any case, we are please to be a part of Timeless Agency's "Window Shopping" show as they bring their unique concept to life.

Join Shiki Designs, along with Anubis Style ,Clio, prêt-à-porter, Lillou’s Designs and Mentine at 4:00PM slt at the Tmeless Agency Runway

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

New shirts from Shiki Design

New shirts from the 2010 spring/summer collection. These shirts were first shown at Men's Fashion Week and the Bouquet Nouveau is featured in the new Jaunty Magazine. The TEAL PLAID shirt combines a nice plaid texture with blue tones. Beautiful textures and colors make these shirts perfect for the new season. You can wear the casual shirts with or without the included t-shirts and they come in all layers so you can easily mix and match with your other outfits. Sculpted collars, cuffs and bottom of shirts complete the look.

Visit our main store for more selections and freebies.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Springtime has arrived in Tokyo and with it, Shiki Design releases these new outfits to complement
the season. The SAKURA shirt comes in both long and short sleeves and you can wear them tucked
in or inside your pants. The shirts are decorated in a subtle texture of light cherry blossom petals
and come with sculpted collars and arm cuffs for both the short and long sleeve versions.

The SAKURA dress  for women is a delicate and feminine piece that is sophisticated enough to stand out in
all the cuteness these days. The dress comes with a unique bow collar, which is the accent of the entire outfit.
Adorned with pretty cherry blossom petals and comes with sculpted mini-balloon collars and a sculpted

You can purchase the SAKURA dress online on xstreet.
The SAKURA shirt is online here.

Please visit our main store to see all our selections and free gifts!