Monday, July 7, 2008

SHIKI-aloha shirts for women

I decided to make a collection of aloha shirts for women. My men's versions have become my bestselling items in my main store and like always, feel bad for the female customers who sometimes come in with their boyfriends. So here they are....three versions and more to come!
I will be releasing women's only designs but these patterns are taken from the men's collection with the sleeves and bottom made shorter to complement the female avie.

SHIKI-swimwear for women-aloha wear

Introducing my new collection of swimwear for women.
It all started when my friend Jeckie told me that so many women in SL wear really revealing bikinis and she gets tired of seeing them. It was funny because I totally agreed with her. So I decided to make these swimsuits and I think they look cute and sexy without being so "out there" or screams "sex"! The bikini top stays in place by tying knots in the back area. The front area criss-crosses for added detail. The bottom are called boy-pants and I notice they are becoming popular in the RL. I decided to go with that cut instead of super sexy ones to create feminine, sexy yet elegant swimwear.
Eacy ensemble comes with a bikini top, two pairs of boy-pants(one fully patterned, the other with a pattern border), and a prim skirt more extra modesty.
I'm sure I'll come up with more sexy ones in my next collection. ;)

SHIKI women's line-aloha wear

Summer dresses for women from SHIKI. Although SHIKI originally started out with men's fashion, I noticed a lot of female walk-ins coming into my store. I always felt bad that I had nothing to offer them, so decided to create something for them as well.
Since it is summer, I decided to go with an aloha theme and started making these summer dresses. Each dress has a tropical pattern and comes in 5 different designs. One of the reasons why I did not attempt to create women's fashion was because (1), I didnt own a female avie and (2) I wasn't ready to attempt the prim skirt! No matter how many attempts I made, it never came out right. I think I finally got the hang of those things so here they are.