Monday, March 16, 2009

Recent blogs

I just wanted to add some links to some blogs that have blogged about SHIKI. It's always a thrill to see my designs being blogged about by others. A big hug and thanks to them!

This was modeled by a dear friend of mine.

..and Mangosio Lohner:

Shiki's Main store

Spring collection 2009:Boho Outfits for men

The Boho Outfit you see here is SUNFLOWER. Also comes in 2 other color/design combinations.
The outfit comes with shirt and pants with an optional flexi belt, sculpted cuffs and bell bottoms.

What inspired this outfit was a viewing of the movie Mamma Mia. I wanted to create something light and airy with a meditteranean feel to it. This is what I came up with. ;)

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Shiki Spring Collection by Sora

Sora is modeling some of SHIKI's items from the spring collection. She takes great pictures so I just had to include them here.

The Rose Garden dress

This dress was one of my favorites to design. Perfect to get you into a spring mood with a rose-based pattern and comes with sculpted roses on the belt and multi-layered flexi dress.