Sunday, July 17, 2011


The PUALANI dress is the perfect dress that takes you from the beach resort to a night of fabulous parties. Casual and stylish, this hawaiian-inspired dress comes with optional sculpted hibiscus flowers that add extra drama to the outfit.
Comes in three different color combinations. Dark Sunset, Violet and Yellow.


Saturday, July 16, 2011

Plumeria complete casual outfits for men

This casual outfit is stylish for the beach or to a resort party. Beautifully textured in a plumeria motif, the shirt comes on all layers with sculpted collars and cuffs. The outfit comes with shorts that includes sculpted leg cuffs for added realism. Comes in blue, pink and yellow color combinations.

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Friday, July 8, 2011

New swimsuits from SHIKI. Comes on pants and underwear layers with an optional sculpted drawstring. Comes in a variety of designs. Shown above is the JUNGLE FEVER. Visit SHIKI MAIN STORE or the marketplace to see the entire collection.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Shiki Summer Snapshot contest!

It's Summer! The sun is up and so is our new flickr group at

Help us build a great body of work by sharing your Shiki pics - and celebrate by joining our Shiki Summer Snapshot contest! Be as creative as you like and submit your photos to the flickr group and be in to win some great prizes including an exclusive outfit, and $5000L to spend in store!

Entering is easy. Join the Shiki design flickr group, and start adding your pics...
1: You must be wearing a Shiki design item from our 2011 Spring/Summer collection. Mix it with anything you like - another Shiki, another season, another store - get creative with your style.
2: Set the scene - find your space, and strike a pose. Take a great pic and share it with the group!
3: Name yourself/your models and mark it as "Shiki Summer Snapshot Entry"

- You must join "Shiki Designs" in-world group
- Entries must be labeled "Shiki Summer Snapshot Entry" to be eligible for the contest
- Contest closes July 30, 2011
- As a pic contest, Photographers are eligible for the prize (You can share it with your models if you choose to use any)
- Entries must feature an item from the 2011 Shiki Spring/Summer collection
- Photoshop is totally cool if it's your thing!
- Entries may be displayed by Shiki in-world or on the Shiki Design blog

Have fun - enjoy the sun and happy snapping :D

Monday, July 4, 2011

Island Style

The ISLAND STYLE is a complete outfit for the discriminating and modern male avatar.

The shirt combines a simple silhouette with lots of details. Comes in all layers so you can mix and match. Sculpted collars and cuffs enhance the look. The modern and colorful patterns on the slacks add drama to the overall look.

Comes in three different color combinations. Shown in the picture is Island Style in Blue.
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Saturday, July 2, 2011

SHIKI-couture dress HIBISCUS LADY in Sunset

Introducing the Hibiscus Lady couture dress from SHIKI. Perfect for those special occasions and events that command something extra special. The Hibiscus Lady combines a sculpted top created with hibiscus flowers and a flexi skirt that flows with each step, commanding everyone's attention. Meticulous details and textures finish the look.

The HIBISCUS LADY couture dress in Sunset show above. Also comes in PINK and LAVENDER.