Friday, April 29, 2011

Agata Agency Presents the 2011 Shiki Spring Collection + Afterparty with Tomgirl Euler

Join the Shiki Designs crew and our friends from Agata Models Agency as they present the Shiki 2011 Spring collection at 07:00 (7:00AM) slt Saturday April 30. The show will be hosted by Sora Tathum with music provided by DJ snowboarder Flow, and will feature Shinichi Mathy's ultra-colorful new designs for men and women.

Shiki Designs fashion shows typically fill regions so please come to the runway location early if possible. If you are unable to enter the region, you can also watch the show via live broadcast at :

Immediately following the fashion show, join us back at the Shiki sim for a VIP after-party with our good friend Tomgirl Euler. Tomgirl will perform live with her unique blend of hip-hop, j-pop, and huge amounts of fun. We are looking forward to seeing you all!

Monday, April 25, 2011

SHIKI-Group gift for April

The group gift at SHIKI this month is the Tapa Blue dress for women. The resort dress comes with a matching scarf and belt. Visit SHIKI MAIN STORE today to get yours!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

HIbiscus Outfit for men by SHIKI

Introducing a complete outfit for the stylishly modern male avatar.

The HIBISCUS outfit consists of a shirt printed with a hand-drawn hibiscus flower. Comfortable slacks in a subtle hue completes the outfit. The shirt is created on all layers with sculpted collars and cuffs for additional realism. Bold. Stylish. Daring.

Comes in three color combinations. ORANGE, YELLOW and BLUE.

Visit SHIKI MAIN STORE today to see the entire collection. Over 50 high-quality gifts are waiting for you at our main store.

Model: Seth dialolito
Photo by Leah Mcculough

Saturday, April 16, 2011

SHIKI-New release-KAY dress

The KAY dress is stunning masterpiece that combines tropical-textures with urban appeal. Perfect for the resort or even the red carpet! The KAY dress comes in three color combinations and include......

Modern tropical textures
Sculpted hibiscus flowers on the shoulders and hip.
A slit flexi skirt to adds a bit of sexiness.

Dramatic, stylish and elegant, the KAY dress is a must have for the warmer months!
Visit SHIKI MAIN STORE today to see the entire collection. Over 50 high-quality gifts are waiting for you at our main store.

KAY dress in three color combinations. VIOLET FLOWER, MAKAI and SUNSET.

Model is Rissa Friller
Photography by Leah Mcculough

Friday, April 15, 2011

Little Big Shop Event Begins

Shinichi Mathy was invited to participate in a really unique event called "Little Big Shop". The idea was to pair new creators with more experienced creators and have them collaborate on a unique creation. That's quite cool in itself, but it's also to raise funds for what we think is a great cause. Proceeds from the sale of the collaborations go to The Water Project.

The Water Project, Inc. is a non-profit organization that's bringing relief to communities around the world who suffer needlessly from a lack of access to clean water. Nearly 1 Billion people across the planet struggle with a lack of clean water. We are so happy to be able to help bring people this most basic of human needs.

Representing Shiki Designs, Shinichi partnered with jewelry designer Ephedra Loon of Dragon Charm Designs. The pair collaborated on this lovely ensemble called "Makai Chic". It features a lush tropical dress with an open-thigh design and sculpted hibiscus flowers. It is accessorized with a flowered pearl necklace and bracelet, earrings, and a hair accent. We love the results and hope you'll enjoy wearing it.
At our Little Big Shop Location, you will also find this event exclusive Ocean Blue Suit for ladies. It feature a suit jacket and pants, collared shirt, and includes many sculpted parts and layers. It's an amazingly versatile suit that will make you stand out among the black and gray business crowd.
There are many more collaborated creations and unique items at the Little Big Shop event. We hope you'll come have a look and join us in helping to bring clean water to those who need it.

SHIKI participates in the Pee Wee Herman Hunt for Epilepsy

The Pee Wee Herman Hunt to support awareness of Epilepsy has started. This reinvented Rose Garden dress was created for the hunt. Look for Pee Wee's red bowtie to find the prize. The hint is "VIPS have all the fun". While there make sure to grab more than 50 high-quality freebies found in the VIP room at SHIKI.

Visit SHIKI MAIN STORE today to pick this cute dress up and the rest of the free gifts!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

SHIKI-New-EHME outfit

Next from the newest collection is the EHME outfit. The tropical-floral patterned top includes a sculpted collar. The high-waisted pants are in a shiny-neon material with sculpted let cuffs. A thin sculpted belt is included to finish the look. The EHME outfit comes in three color combinations. Show here is the EHME-PINK BLOSSOMS. You can see the other two color combinations here. EHME-OCEAN BLUE. EHME-SUNSHINE.

Visit SHIKI's MAIN STORE today to see the rest of the collection!

Model: federica gaultier
Photo by Leah Mcculough

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


SHIKI introduces the PLUMERIA SUIT. One of the main pieces from the 2011 spring-summer collection, the plumeria suit combines tropical patterns with a classic suit. One of the trends this year is the use of bold colors for men. Perfect suits that'll make you stand out from the crowd! Tropical Urban at its best!

The complete suit comes with a jacket with sculpted collar, bottom of jacket and sleeves, pants and a dress shrit with sculpted collar and tie.

Three variations to choose from. BLUE PLUMERIA, YELLOW PLUMERIA and PINK PLUMERIA.
Visit SHIKI MAIN STORE today to see more from the new collection!

Model is Didier Rascon
Photo by Leah Mcculough

Monday, April 11, 2011

SHIKI @ The Rainy Day Hunt

SHIKI participates in the Rainy Day Hunt. Both of these items can be found in the blue raindrop hidden somewhere inside SHIKI's Main Store. The hunt continues through the month of April.

Visit SHIKI today!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

SHIKI-New release-OAHU outfit

The OAHU OUTFIT in AZURE is a new release from the spring-summer 2011 collection from SHIKI. The focus point of the outfit is the bright neon print shirt show above. This new and modern take on the aloha shirt combines neon-colored hawaiian patterns and a non-traditional cut shirt. The shirt comes on all layers and comes with sculpted collar and rolled up sleeves with a sculpted button. The striped grey pants comes included in the outfit to complete the look.

The OAHU outfit comes in three color variations.


Model: angelik lavecchia
Photo by Leah Mcculough

Monday, April 4, 2011

SHIKI-new release- BLOSSOMS dress

The BLOSSOMS DRESS is the newest release from SHIKI's spring-summer 2011 collection. The top is enhanced with sculpted hibiscus flowers while the skirt consists of a sculpted three-tier design and leather belt. The dress blends a tropical pattern with urban style.

The dress comes in three different colors. SUNSHINE(shown here), PURPLE MOON and FIRE.
Visit SHIKI's MAIN STORE today!

Model: Blossoms Sweetwater
Photography by Leah McCullough