Wednesday, September 30, 2009

October Group Gift !

Just it time to take on the fall chill, Shinichi has released two great coats as an exclusive gift for Shiki Designs group members. We hope our Shiki family enjoys this warm coat in gorgeous autumn red and look forward to seeing you all soon.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

New Designs for your Autumn Collection

Hello fellow Shiki Shoppers!

I am happy to introduce to you all the new sets of autumn collections by Shinichi Mathy. For this week, another pair of new designs are released, the Cocktail Dress for women while Denim Suits for men. Come by and add up these new designs for your autumn collections. They are located at the Shiki Mainstore groundfloor area, near the VIP lounge.

(click on photo for details)

Denim Suits for men available in 5 stylish colors. This is a complete suit with sculpted collar, cuffs and bottom attachments. Can be worn for either formal or semi-casual. Just the right suit for any occassions.

(click on photo for details)

Cocktail Dress for women. This has sculpted collar and skirt attachments. Very sexy and has a dose of class and elegant fashion. This dress is best worn on parties or even on any semi-casual occassions. The cocktail dress is available in 5 eloquent colors.

Shinichi Mathy is releasing new designs every week, plus new sets of gifts also awaits to all of our VIP Group members. 50% off on selected items are also still going on so check on in often.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Suede coats for Autumn/winter 2009

Suede coats that come in jacket layer and sculpted parts including fur trim on the neck and cuffs.

Fall/winter 2009: Cardigans

Introducing new cardigans for me in 5 delicious colors.

Each cardigan comes in 2 is a simple, solid-colored layer with buttons in the front, perfect for when it's just a bit cooler. Wear the layered version that's a different textured cardigan over the simple one. This adds another layer of warmth to your avatar.

Each cardigan comes in all layers and comes with sculpted sleeves.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

New Designs Released

Hello Shiki Shoppers. We are happy to inform you all about our new released designs for this coming autumn season. Be the first to own the unique and elegant styles of Shiki Designs.

The Cardigan Coat. This coat comes into 2 versions, with undershirt and without. It also goes with sculpted sleeves so you can mix and match within the style you prefer. This goes in 5 color choices - black, blue, pine, brick and violet.

The Suede Coat for women. This coat goes with a jacket layer. Also has sculpted lower and arms attachments, belt, classy fur on neck and arms. This comes in 3 choices color - midnight, red and violet.

 We also have the Unisex Jeans. It has the store logo and a floral pocket design. This goes in 5 color choices - sepia, lavender, olive, blue and black.

All new designs are located at the Shiki Design Main Store groundfloor, near the VIP lounge. You can also find the Gingham Suits there. This suit goes in different layers and has 5 color choices.

Also, dont forget to join the store group to avail the high quality gifts we give to our VIP members. Shinichi Mathy, the store owner, is releasing new designs and clothing styles everyweek. So check on in often.

Monday, September 14, 2009

SOS Hunt still going..

Shiki is one of the participating store of Subtleties of Summer [SOS] Gridwide Hunt. The hunt is still going until the end of this month. All you have to look for is an icecream cone as shown in the picture below. Enjoy the gift we bring you for this hunt and dont forget to join the group to get more awesome gifts from Shiki.

New Styles for Autumn and Winter 2009

Shiki has just launched the brand new styles for the coming autumn and winter 2009, at Modavia Fashion Week last Saturday Sept 12. It was a blast presentation of Shinichi Mathy's New Designs, attended by most designers and fashion lovers.

Despite the lag and sl limits, we thank you all for making this event a fabulous one. We also apologized to those who wasn't able to get in, however you can come and shop the latest designs at the Shiki Main Store. Here are some photos of the event, and the new designs for Autumn and Winter 2009.

Denim Suit and a T-Shirt
Cardigan Get-Up
Elegant Bolero Black Dress

Friday, September 11, 2009

SHIKI @ Modavia Fashion Week Saturday 9/12 4PM slt

Come be fabulous at the Shiki Designs show at Modavia Fashion Week. Beginning at 4pm Saturday (9/12). Shinichi has created all new designs for fall and we can wait to show them off. We invite the Shiki family to be with us for a great time.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

International Fashion Day 2009 Begins Today

GLANCE International Agency's International Fashion Day sponsored by PR begins to day at noon sl time. We are proud to be a part of this unique event that blends virtual and real world fashion communities, and Shinichi has been working very hard to make sure everything is perfect. Shiki will be premiering new styles at the show and GLANCE has done a fabulous job organizing. We hope you'll join us today (Saturday) 9:00 PM to 10:00 PM for the Shiki portion of the show but also encourage everyone to check out more of the 24 designers showing. IFD2009 starts at 12PM slt today (Sat, Sept 5) and runs through 12PM slt Sunday.