Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Sneek-a-peek at Shiki's New Look

If you've noticed the construction equipment around the the Shiki sim, you may have wondered if something new was coming for Spring 2010 and you would be correct. Shiki fans all know by now that Shinichi is always heading forward with the Shiki brand and the latest move is a complete remake of the Shiki main store.

This ambitious project has been commissioned to acclaimed builder, Kere Delcon. Kere will update the architecture with a fresh urban design that utilizes some of the previous texture work of designer Ryo Verne and adds his own keen sense of design as well. When asked about the inspiration for the new Shiki, Kere tells us:
It comes from Shinichi's designs themselves - bold, fashionable and modern without being stuffy or restrictive. The use of concrete gives the space an urban industrial feel, but the decorative elements make it intimate and colourful, complimenting the clothing lines.
The display spaces are designed to move people through the seasonal collections while latest releases and special offers can be found adjacent to the entrance hall.

We're excited about it and think Shiki fans will love it. The new design will also incorporate our new Shiki partner brand, Aska Shapes. The transfer will begin Friday May 7 at 3.30AM with re-opening expected within a few hours. We are planning a re-opening party later this month so check back on this blog for detail. Meanwhile, enjoy a few teaser shots of the new store.

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