Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Free gift from Shiki Design

Shiki Design releases May's monthly gifts for their VIP members. A dress with a modern striped texture that comes with sculpted top and over-sized belt with flexi skirt for the women. A suit called the ZEN, for the men. The complete suit comes in open and closed verions with belted and non belted slacks as well as sculpted collar, bottom and sleeves.

The Shiki Design group requires a $100 one-time fee to join. Benefits you get as a VIP member are monthly gifts such as clothing, scarves and other high-quality accessories designed by Shinichi Mathy, creator of Shiki Design. You are also entitled to special discounts and will have access to all exclusive events and sales. There are already a collection of over 20 high-quality gifts for VIP members.

We hope you enjoy the newest items created exclusively for VIP members.

Visit the SHIKI DESIGN main store to see what you've been missing!

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