Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Springtime has arrived in Tokyo and with it, Shiki Design releases these new outfits to complement
the season. The SAKURA shirt comes in both long and short sleeves and you can wear them tucked
in or inside your pants. The shirts are decorated in a subtle texture of light cherry blossom petals
and come with sculpted collars and arm cuffs for both the short and long sleeve versions.

The SAKURA dress  for women is a delicate and feminine piece that is sophisticated enough to stand out in
all the cuteness these days. The dress comes with a unique bow collar, which is the accent of the entire outfit.
Adorned with pretty cherry blossom petals and comes with sculpted mini-balloon collars and a sculpted

You can purchase the SAKURA dress online on xstreet.
The SAKURA shirt is online here.

Please visit our main store to see all our selections and free gifts!

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