Friday, April 9, 2010

Come "Window Shopping" With Shiki Designs and the Timeless Agency

There is much to love about shopping in a virtual world and even though there are always new innovations, we could hardly want for more convenience. Browse, click, buy, then wear. It only takes a few moments to see and buy the latest from our favorite designers. Still, it's worth asking: have we traded something for all this convenience?

When Timeless Agency's Vitality Lollipop first told us that the theme for their show was "window shopping", my imagination instantly transported me to an evening stroll of looking at window displays from Bloomingdale's, Macy's, Barney's and others. Painstakingly arranged and glamorously illuminated, window displays give us a glimpse of the fabulous new life that awaits us inside the store. Great window displays have magic and are truly an art form.

Perhaps the lack of relevance would explain the rarity of window displays in SL but in any case, we are please to be a part of Timeless Agency's "Window Shopping" show as they bring their unique concept to life.

Join Shiki Designs, along with Anubis Style ,Clio, prêt-à-porter, Lillou’s Designs and Mentine at 4:00PM slt at the Tmeless Agency Runway

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