Monday, November 11, 2013

Season of Love

Over here in Tokyo, it's almost like as if Autumn hasn't even come yet... and it's already gone. In Japan, Autumn is one of the most beautiful seasons with autumn foliage draped on the backdrop in many places you go. It's one of the most romantic times to take slow walks with your loved one, sit for a while at a cute cafe and have a cup of hot tea. 

Fall is delicate, and the beauty of it all is how fragile it is and how quickly it disappears. It's almost like a yearly ritual of Earth's renewal.

Season of Love takes leading Second Life fashion brand Shiki back to its colorful roots celebrating a flourish of flora patterns and sleek silhouettes. The patterns are modern yet traditional, playing with the juxtaposition often seen in Japanese formal wear, the Kimono.

Wishing everyone a wonderful day.
Shinichi Mathy & VinnWong

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