Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Urban Symmetry Collection

I love creating patterns out of random things. I seem to be able to find beauty in simple things all around me. Today I wanted to share some of my favorite textures that I created with my design partner Vinn Wong. It was his idea that we create textures out of things unappreciated. So one day, we went for a long walk with camera in hand, taking pictures of random things. I tried really hard to find things that were unappreciated and I found myself drawn to things such as soda cans, wire fences and dead leaves. I felt like I was a big failure because I felt unoriginal and uninspired. With Vinn's help, we came up with a nice collection of textures. This is how the latest collection Urban Symmetry was born.

Here are two outfits created from these new textures.

  City Stride Mesh Outfit

We created textures out of things we found on the street. These were inspired by soda pop cans and barbed wire fences. Here are the textures that became the base of the outfits shown above. 

I also created some real life products for my store on zazzle. Please check them out if you have time. The picture below shows one of my real life products using the texture you see above.

 I love how I can incorporate my designs into so many different things. I loved working on this collection and a big thank you goes out to Vinn Wong for inspiring me in the first place.

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