Sunday, March 31, 2013

Shiki @ Avenue Spring-Summer Fashion Week 2013

Shiki is off to Avenue S/S Fashion Week 2013! 

Shiki will be going down the runway on Wednesday April 3rd 1pm SLT 

Our show with Avenue features SHIKI's latest collection, "Urban Symmetry" .

Urban Symmetry takes the most unflattering and the most mundane objects within the city and turns them into detailed fabric.

We found inspiration in what would generally be considered dull and unstimulating. Especially discarded items like soda cans, dirty items like garbage netting, and often over looked items such as blind guides and indentations of Braille.


At Shiki, we'd like to think ourselves as not just designers but artists with a clear vision. Our goal this season was to open people's eyes to what they don't see.

We think we all need to see our own lives from a different angle. A more positive and attentive one. We want people to realize that even the simplest things in life can be beautiful by changing what's visually unappreciated to that of exquisiteness and excellence.

For further details such as event location and times, please visit Avenue's website HERE

And for more regarding our concept of Urban Symmetry, get the concept book in world HERE

Featured Models: Delinda Dench & Apollo Call

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