Thursday, December 29, 2011

Stepping Out for New Years Eve with Shiki

New Years Eve in Second Life is a unique experience in that we get to ring in the new year with friends from across globe all throughout the day. From New Zealand to the Hawaiian Islands, we cheer the new year with friends each hour.

They say, whatever you're doing as the clock strikes midnight is what you'll be doing all year. We're not sure about that, but Shiki does want you to look your finest. Shiki offers colorful and creative cocktail wear along with formals with stand-out style. Seen above is our recent releases: the Nightingale dress, and the Roppongi Night tuxedo. Both are available in several vibrant colors, but for those that prefer traditional monochrome, may we suggest Rhapsody In Black or Glamour for ladies, or Zebra Tuxedo or Monotone Suit for men. There is much more to choose from and Shiki is sure to have something for every style. We wish you all a fantastic New Year!

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