Friday, April 15, 2011

Little Big Shop Event Begins

Shinichi Mathy was invited to participate in a really unique event called "Little Big Shop". The idea was to pair new creators with more experienced creators and have them collaborate on a unique creation. That's quite cool in itself, but it's also to raise funds for what we think is a great cause. Proceeds from the sale of the collaborations go to The Water Project.

The Water Project, Inc. is a non-profit organization that's bringing relief to communities around the world who suffer needlessly from a lack of access to clean water. Nearly 1 Billion people across the planet struggle with a lack of clean water. We are so happy to be able to help bring people this most basic of human needs.

Representing Shiki Designs, Shinichi partnered with jewelry designer Ephedra Loon of Dragon Charm Designs. The pair collaborated on this lovely ensemble called "Makai Chic". It features a lush tropical dress with an open-thigh design and sculpted hibiscus flowers. It is accessorized with a flowered pearl necklace and bracelet, earrings, and a hair accent. We love the results and hope you'll enjoy wearing it.
At our Little Big Shop Location, you will also find this event exclusive Ocean Blue Suit for ladies. It feature a suit jacket and pants, collared shirt, and includes many sculpted parts and layers. It's an amazingly versatile suit that will make you stand out among the black and gray business crowd.
There are many more collaborated creations and unique items at the Little Big Shop event. We hope you'll come have a look and join us in helping to bring clean water to those who need it.

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