Friday, March 4, 2011

Rummaging Through My Shiki Closet

A few nights ago, Shinichi and I were being nostalgic about some of the Shiki items from past seasons. Of course, my job is to help tell people about them so naturally I couldn't help but wish that I had done a better job of sharing them with people. I suppose I will always think that way, but it did inspire me to dig through my inventory and try to find some unlikely combinations to make into outfits.

I kind of liked this one and thought I'd share. The skirt is actually part of the Shiki dress "Kuroneko" from winter of 2008. The whole dress is gorgeous of course, but the skirt is simple and versatile and I find myself wearing it quite often (by the way: it's on sale at 50% off in-world only for a few more days and will be going away after).

The jacket is another Shiki item, but it's the jacket from a men's tartan suit called "Mori". It was intended for male avatars so a little refitting needed to be done on the collar and sleeve prims. I love the look though, so it was totally worth it.

Other items include a bra from Intimizzio's set "Kawaii Flower Mesh", fabulous shoes from Maitreya ("Frenzy" in Bronze), "Blues" glasses from primOptic, DrLife skin, and of course my current favorite hair, "Yana" in Ebony from Tukinowaguma.

So anyway, I hope you enjoy. What's in your Shiki closet? Drop us a link in comments. We'd love to see it.

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