Saturday, September 19, 2009

New Designs Released

Hello Shiki Shoppers. We are happy to inform you all about our new released designs for this coming autumn season. Be the first to own the unique and elegant styles of Shiki Designs.

The Cardigan Coat. This coat comes into 2 versions, with undershirt and without. It also goes with sculpted sleeves so you can mix and match within the style you prefer. This goes in 5 color choices - black, blue, pine, brick and violet.

The Suede Coat for women. This coat goes with a jacket layer. Also has sculpted lower and arms attachments, belt, classy fur on neck and arms. This comes in 3 choices color - midnight, red and violet.

 We also have the Unisex Jeans. It has the store logo and a floral pocket design. This goes in 5 color choices - sepia, lavender, olive, blue and black.

All new designs are located at the Shiki Design Main Store groundfloor, near the VIP lounge. You can also find the Gingham Suits there. This suit goes in different layers and has 5 color choices.

Also, dont forget to join the store group to avail the high quality gifts we give to our VIP members. Shinichi Mathy, the store owner, is releasing new designs and clothing styles everyweek. So check on in often.

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