Sunday, September 21, 2008

autumn collection 2008 for MEN

Outfit consisting of a short suede jacket, plaid vest with shirt and plaid pants with leopard belt. Comes in three different color combinations.

V-neck sweater with or without shirt and tie. Plaid slacks to match the tie. Comes in three color combinations and are sold separately.

Argyle sweater with striped slacks designed for a comfortable fit and look.
Plaid shirts with rolled-up sleeves with a textured vest and prim bow-tie. Hand-drawn jeans in three autumn colors with yellow, black or green belt. Sold separately.
A light-weight sweater with rolled-up sleeves and layered shrits. Knee-length slacks in a checked pattern. Comes in three color combinations.
Light-weight sweaters with inner t-shirts in three colors. Tartan checked pants in three colors.
Fall suit outfits. Trend-setting looks and cut in three color combinations.

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